Nodalio Support Options

Our support team is available 24/7. Initial requests are usually replied in a couple of minutes. Please allow us some time to process your query and provide the optimal solution.

General WordPress Support

With the WordPress support category we can help you understand the shortcode structure and assist in finding the right setting combinations to suit your server & WordPress requirements.

Hosting & Scaling

On our scaling support category you can receive support on server configurations, backup organisation and scaling options available with Nodalio. This also covers multisite related questions.

Server Customizations

With server customizations category you can contact us for architecture related questions, customizing Nodalio to your startup requirements and adapting it to work with various components.

Quick Help Using the Knowledge Base

Although our average initial ticket support time is usually under a few minutes. You can receive answers to most questions by browsing the knowledge base. We employ a lot of resources to make sure you would be able to find everything you need inside the knowledge base and if a question is asked numerous times it will surely be there, so we highly recommend to start there.

Professional Support Coverage

Our support team consists of WordPress professionals and always ready to assist you with the following:

Non-WordPress Software Support

Nodalio is built to support WordPress out of the box, however you can use it to host any kind of application. While you can install anything on your Nodalio powered server (its yours, by all means..), we will not be able to support any custom installations, scripts and implementations that don’t fall directly into the WordPress application scope.


Additional Extensions Support

Nodalio allows you to install additional extensions and tools on your server to further expand your server configuration and improve performance. Some of these tools, including tools such as Redis, Memcached and other which require specialised configurations inside the code of your application by a form of a plugin or custom scripts, do not fall in the support scope you can receive from us.

Need an All Inclusive Support Option?

If you need your own server or a complex server configuration thats fully managed by our expert team of professionals, we suggest you explore our VIP option which provides you with a server architecture and a devops team so you could concentrate on your business or application development.

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