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Frequently asked questions

Nodalio is very unique and built to allow any freelancer up to a large enterprise get maximum performance out of their website.

Can I Choose Any Cloud Server?

Yes, the choice is yours! You can pick any cloud server from the leading cloud providers in the world. Please choose to install a clearn Ubuntu 16.04 OS and you’re all set to install Nodalio to run your WordPress or any other application.

Its Too Easy.. Am I Missing Something?

It really is! We built Nodalio from the ground up to allow everyone run their own secure and fast server with absolutely no previous experience. With the high performance in cloud VPS it should be your default choice over any shared or managed hosting.

How to Get Started with Nodalio?

Getting started cant be easier! We prepared an in depth documentation section displaying the install process to make it easier. To sum it up: Once you register, you get a personalised install link. Simply paste it in your server terminal window and Nodalio will be installed. Once installation completes, you will have a WordPress website on the domain you provided, and you can add more sites using the Nodalio Server Control site or shortcodes. 

Is Nodalio Really Built for Anyone Running WordPress?

Sure! Nodalio comes with an array of functionalities allowing everyone from small to large, get the support they require for their personal or enterprise environment. Each site comes with an integrated Nodalio management plugin where you can manage all hosting related configuration, right inside WordPress! In addition, Nodalio automatically creates a site on your server without any configuration from your side when its first set up.

My Websites are Too Fast! Whats the Trick?

Websites hosted with the Nodalio platform are operating in an optimized production state. We push your website to your visitors fast and use sophisticated traffic regulation to make sure all your visitors access your website with optimal speed.

Will Upgrading My Plan Update All My Servers?

Not exactly. When you update your plan, in your user portal, you will receive an updated link allowing you to install or update new or existing servers. Once you run the new command from the Nodalio Dashboard on the server, the server will be equipped with all the upgraded features.

Whats All the Fuss about Transparent Caching?

Good question! Transparent caching has been designed by Nodalio to allow agencies and enterprises avoid the cache clearing process for dynamic content. This allows your clients to update their website contents anytime and always show the latest version of their website to their clients immediately. You dont need any caching plugins or optimizations.

Unlimited Servers? Really?

Yes! Nodalio is built to allow businesses grow. So whether you are hosting WordPress for yourself or for others, we allow you to resell hosting for unlimited websites, servers or have your managed WordPress hosting platform built using our API.

Are the Extensions Available on All Plans?

Yes, the extensions are can be purchased and installed with any plan, on any server of your choice thats powered by Nodalio. The extensions are designed to allow you the configurations and freedom to expand your server with the features your clients or you may require.

Do You Offer Fully Managed Services?

Yes! Nodalio VIP plans are custom plans catered to your specific hosting requirements and include fully managed custom server configurations.

Explore our premium VIP plans.

Full Plan Details

Constantly a step ahead of the competition by using leading development tools, in a flexible platform that saves time and supercharges your websites to the next level.

Personal Professional Business Enterprise
Monthly Price 5$ 35$ 95$ 225$
WordPress installs per server 1 10 25 Unlimited*
Server-level caching
PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1 & 7.2
NodeJS components
Staging environment
Free unlimited SSL’s
Automatic server optimization
API usage
Backup retention 7 14 30 30
On click backups & snapshots 3 5 10
Multisite support
Nodalio OneCache
Redis & Memcached support
Nodalio OptiCache
System Whitelabel
SMTP Server
Extra disk/volume support Backups Sites & Backups
Traffic flow control

* Each server is limited to a maximum of 295 sites.

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