Powering managed WordPress solutions worldwide.

Managed WordPress Hosting Software for Agencies, Startups and Developers.

Nodalio is a standalone and independent hosting software which makes it possible for anyone to host unlimited optimised WordPress sites on any cloud server or VPS.


Nodalio is designed to create a seamless managed hosting experience for anyone looking to fully own and control their data and servers.

Ultimate Speed

For all sites on your server.

Backups & Snapshots

With staging support.

Woocommerce Ready

Optimized to help you sell.

Expandable in Seconds

Infinite scaling options.

Highly secured

Server and site security.

Unique server caching

OneCache and OptiCache.

Managed Hosting that Empowers Business

Nodalio automatically optimizes the performance of your sites to match to your server hardware, allowing you to securely host isolated WordPress sites on any cloud server.

Traffic Flow Control

We created a way to smooth flow of traffic, reduce and distribute server load, protect against most brutal DDOS attacks and remain stable when traffic spikes occur even for un-cached logged-in users.

Unique Transparent Caching

We designed OneCache & OptiCache to allow seamless server caching that’s completely invisible. No need to purge cache or adjust any settings. The next evolution of caching is now available for everyone.

Unlimited SSL's & Wildcards

Internal firewall, Fail2Ban system and unlimited secured SSL certificates for your HTTPS website, together make one of the best SSL configurations, making your site or e-commerce highly secure.

Full control of your server using the Nodalio Dashboard.

Easily Manage Your Sites and Servers with Nodalio Dashboard.

With the integrated terminal access and run a command terminal widget you will be able to run Nodalio shortcodes to add additional sites, adjust site cache, change PHP version and many more, right on your server.

+ Real time server monitoring

Using the Nodalio Dashboard you will be able to get real time server resource usage, memory consumption and traffic reports as they occur on the server.

+ Server file manager

You dont need to setup any SFTP accounts to have full control of your server’s file system. Its available for you right inside the Nodalio Dashboard with full admin access. 

+ Advanced services management

Using the services screen, its easy to control any service installed on your server to further optimize the server and clear un-needed resources from memory.

The freedom any agency needs.

Create Your Own Managed Hosting Solution.

When it comes to how you can use Nodalio for your business there is no actual defined limit. You can create your own hosting environment, run it for your agency sites or use it to power your custom SAAS solution. 

Combined with the right tools and plugins you will be able to run your own hosting environment that’s powered by the tools you already use everyday. Does selling hosting subscriptions straight from your Woocommerce website sounds interesting?

Expand and scale to any software or cloud configuration.

Grow Your Business With Nodalio API for Sites & Servers.

Nodalio is built to be an optimized solution for managed WordPress environments. You can easily adapt it to run any software or SAAS with remote services management and unlimited expandability options. The options are limitless for WordPress, PHP and NodeJS for any custom solution you are developing. We kept the stack minimal and extremely efficient so you can use it to automatically scale on any cloud environment of your choice.

Premium WordPress Experience
included with all plans.

We included the best features on the personal plan and added the required ingredients to match the most sophisticated custom enterprise solutions.

Explore full plan details and pricing for more information about our features, including staging environments, multisite support and many more.

Reliable Partner for Your Business

Nodalio Easily Installs On The Leading Cloud Hosting Providers.

Choose the cloud provider you want to work with seamless integration with any of the best VPS hosting providers in the world. You have full control where you host your websites or applications, mix and match them according to your needs as all our plans include unlimited server installs.

The last hosting you will ever need.

Ready to get started?

Seamless integration with the best cloud hosting providers in the world. You have full control where you host your websites or applications, mix and match according to your needs as all our plans include unlimited servers usage!

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