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Site Fix + Post Migration Script

This shortcode allows you to fix the site installation and/or adapt it to Nodalio’s hosting requirements.

To run Nodalio shortcodes on your server, please follow this guide.

Shortcode usage format:

  • sudo nodalio sitefix

Shortcode reference:

  • – your site’s primary domain/subdomain.

You may use the shortcode for the following use cases:

  • In case you need to refresh your nginx configuration for the site.
  • After migrating a site to Nodalio, you need to run this command to fully optimize your site to Nodalio.
  • In case of an important upgrade in Nodalio’s features, you can easily adapt any existing site using this shortcode.

This shortcode works by reconfiguring everything concerning your site except WordPress core and wp-content folder. If your running this shortcode on a site already running on your server and you customized the wp-config.php or wp-config-nodalio.php, please copy the customizations to wp-config-user.php before using this shortcode, as this file is not replaced (please follow the best practices for setting up your wp-config.php configuration). Taking a snapshot is recommended when using this shortcode.

Fixing the site’s installation takes approximately 1-2 minutes to complete. Once the process is complete your site will be fully optimized for the latest Nodalio features.

If you would like to restore the original configuration to the wp-config-user.php file, please delete the file before running this shortcode.

Shortcode format in the Nodalio Dashboard:

Shortcode result in the Nodalio Dashboard:

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