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Convert Site to HTTPS

This shortcode allows you to add an SSL certificate to your site and convert it to HTTPS.

To run Nodalio shortcodes on your server, please follow this guide.

Shortcode usage format:

  • sudo nodalio siteconverthttps

Shortcode reference:

  • – your site’s primary domain/subdomain.

Please note, this shortcode performs two main actions. The first is to issue an SSL certificate and install it on the site. The second is to search and replace any references of and replaces them with ( being your site’s primary domain / subdomain).

Tip: To check if the site you wish to convert already has an SSL certificate installed, you may use the siteinfo shortcode (under the Certificate (HTTPS) section).

Make sure the domain for the site you’re going to convert is correctly pointing to your server. To find out more about DNS records and how to correctly point your domain to a server, click here.

In order to make sure your domain is pointing to the server, you may use the sitedomain-verify shortcode.

If have any aliases which you previously added to the site, before running the siteconverthttps shortcode on the site’s primary domain, please make sure to run the aliasconverthttps shortcode first on each of the aliases assigned to the site.

Shortcode format in the Nodalio Dashboard:

Shortcode result in the Nodalio Dashboard:

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