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Generate SPF & DKIM Records

This shortcode allows you to generate SPF and DKIM records you can enter in your DNS records as a TXT record, allowing you to avoid the spam folder and send newsletters and emails directly from your server.

This shortcode is available from the Business plan.

To run Nodalio shortcodes on your server, please follow this guide.

Shortcode usage format:

  • sudo nodalio email-spfdkim

Shortcode reference:

  • – your site’s primary domain/subdomain.

To find out more about DNS records and how to add TXT records, click here.

Please note, when setting up a new website, if your plan supports it, the SFP and DKIM credentials will be automatically generated for you.

Shortcode format in the Nodalio Dashboard:

Shortcode result in the Nodalio Dashboard:

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