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Redis & Memcached

Redis and Memcached are advanced caching solutions mostly used for large applications.

The caching solutions come preinstalled on your server and do not need to be activated. Please note, the use of these solutions needs to be implemented inside your WordPress install with the help of a plugin or a specific application implementation.

How to configure Redis in WordPress:

To start using Redis in your site you may install the Redis Object Cache plugin. The plugin is using an application script to allow WordPress contact the Redis installtion on your server. After installing the plugin, enable object caching in the settings page.

Plugin Settings page – deactivated:

Plugin Settings page – activated:

Configuring wp-config-user.php to work with Redis on your site:

In order to make sure each site has an isolated Redis environment, its recommended to add a define to your WordPress user settings. The settings are already configured for you, so in most cases you only need to uncomment them.

Simply remove the comment (#) from the already configured settings:

#define(‘WP_CACHE_KEY_SALT’, ‘’);

#define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);

Additional configuration options:

Redis for WordPress has many advanced configuration options. Select the required configuration here and place it inside the wp-config-user.php file. 

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