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This shortcode allows you to turn on Nodalio’s OptiCache on a site installed on your server.

To run Nodalio shortcodes on your server, please follow this guide.

Shortcode usage format:

  • sudo nodalio cacheon opticache

Shortcode reference:

  • – your site’s primary domain/subdomain.
  • opticache – Nodalio’s OptiCahe

Technical reference:

Nodalio’s OptiCache is the more advanced transparent caching solution to Nodalio’s OneCache. It also uses advanced PHP caching to transparently store your site’s cache and best used in cases where you want your server to cache the latest site content while leaving your sites in a virtual cacheless state.
The benefits of OptiCache for large sites and systems are:

  • Automatic transparent 5 second cache validation mechanism.
  • Nodalio’s application cache lock (APPCL) thats also available as an extension.

In most cases, its much faster than WordPress plugin based caching solutions, as your visitors will get the site contents much quicker. Your website will be automatically sampled every 5 seconds to create a recent valid cache store. This avoids server processing to generate dynamic content for every visit. In cases where your site is frequently changed or updated, Nodalio’s OptiCache will make sure that the most recent requested site contents are almost immediately available and cached.

By using the Nodalio application cache lock extension, the site contents are served directly from cache. This means that if your site is visited and the contents are not yet cached, the server will first create a valid cache store for the requested contents and only then provide the contents to your visitors. 

Nodalio’s OptiCache is an even better DDoS solution (compared to OneCache) as it prevents the server to send uncached contents to your visitors. This is extremely useful for unexpected traffic surges as your site contents will be will be provided only from the server cache and re-sampled for updates only once per 5 seconds. This means that if you receive a sudden surge of 1K visitors per second, the server will generate the dynamic content only once per 5 seconds and server the contents directly from cache, avoiding generation of dynamic contents for concurrent users when contents are not yet reached the cache store.

Nodalio’s WordPress plugin, if installed and activated, will automatically flush the server cache in cases of most content updates. With Nodalio’s OptiCache this is not required as in most cases your requested content will be sampled and re-cached every 5 seconds. If your specific content does not automatically trigger flushing the cache, you may flush the cache manually or adapt the plugin code to your specific use cases.

To find out which caching tool is currently active on your site, you may use the siteinfo shortcode.

Shortcode format in the Nodalio Dashboard:

Shortcode result in the Nodalio Dashboard:

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