High Availability WordPress
SAAS Development Solutions

Converting WordPress solutions into a scalable solution on the cloud.

Managed SAAS Hosting via Nodalio

Nodalio allows you to host any WordPress application on the cloud. VIP plans build on that and include autoscaling architecture.

Custom SAAS Development

We develop large platforms, websites on multisite networks, SaaS, plugins and more. Bringing your solution to the masses.

Automation Plugin development

Utilising cloud architecture to its maximum potential. We develop plugins for site duplication and high scale management.


Start Scaling

Your WordPress Business

From strategic plans and investments to core system and plugins development. Our team works closely with you on establishing growth opportunities in technical areas that need attention.  Our WordPress development is tailored to your business requirements and aims at generating higher traffic and sales.

Business Development @ Core

Working with us guarantees that we’ll investigate your business, competition, target audience and ways to increase your revenue and reduce dev costs. 

SAAS & Plugin Based Approach

Our development process allows us to build an entire SAAS solutions as expandable plugins, allowing you to scare and distribute your solution.

Optimal UX & UI Experience

The user experience teams in Capsula specialise in bringing the best possible user experience by utilizing the latest frontend technologies available today.


Ready to use

SAAS Plugins

Our development architecture allows us to extract specific parts from our internal development projects and offer them as separate plugins that can be used anywhere.


A Woocommerce plugin that allows you to sell ready made websites stored on an external multisite. The plugin handles extending a product, creating the duplication and logging.


Utilizing ready made VPS units with Lightsail API to add additional servers allowing automated expansion of your system as you scale and add more sites to your network.

Custom SAAS Solutions

WordPress Development

We excel in building high-end Software as a Service applications and Multisite networks generating a good amount of traffic and user base. Our WordPress developers will provide the reliable infrastructure on a code and server level that could scale and grow with time, and a UX-compliant process for purchasing subscriptions, signing up and managing different roles and features for each of your customers.


SAAS Development 

Our Brands

Our brands demonstrate the solutions we can build for you and to demonstrate the various use cases for the plugins available via this site. High quality code, well-structured product and marketing know-how is the best fit for established business structures willing to bring their online presence to the next level.


SAAS WordPress application platform that sells ready made websites at very low prices, built for infinite distributed autoscaling with Nodalio.


Email distribution platform that connects to WordPress sites and enables SAAS based newsletter functionality in the WordPress backend.


Managed hosting software for WordPress and SAAS based solutions on the cloud. Turns any VM into a standalone managed hosting platform.


Advanced software solution that allows to distribute a single multisite network over an infinite number of servers on the cloud.


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